Hinton Ampner Garden

The Main Rose Border

Rose - Mme. Isaac Pereire

'Madame Isaac Pereire' is a robust medium-sized shrub of open arching habit with bold foliage and richly fragrant, double, cupped and partly quartered, deep rose-pink flowers to 15cm in width

Rose - Old Blush

This rose produces musky and sweet-scented blossoms of pale to medium pink, which bloom continuously from spring until frost. They are followed by large orange hips. 'Old Blush' grows to about 4 feet high and wide.

Rose - Ballerina

Flowering on this rose starts slightly later than some other varieties, but then continues well into autumn if plants are deadheaded. The individual single flowers are tiny, pale pink with a white eye, slightly fragrant, and gathered in large clusters. The plant has a dense, spreading habit with mid-green leaves

Rose - Mary Wallace

A salmon-pink climbing rose of moderate fragrance. Very large, semi-double (9-16 petals), borne mostly solitary, in small clustersin a spring or summer flush with scattered later blooms.

Rose - Cornelia

A good, repeat-flowering Hybrid Musk which guarantees plenty of summer and autumn flowers. The buds are deep red but the petals are copper-apricot, gradually acquiring a pink tinge. The scent is sweet and strong, growth is vigorous, and the leaves make a good dark green background.

Rose - Celestial

A good, repeat-flowering Hybrid Musk which guarantees plenty of summer and autumn flowers. The buds are deep red but the petals are copper-apricot, gradually acquiring a pink tinge. The scent is sweet and strong, growth is vigorous, and the leaves make a good dark green background.

Rose - Mundi

This is a striking old rose in the Gallica group with very distinctive flowers, pale pink and striped a darker pink, semi-double with an open cupped shape and yellow at the centre. This rose is often referred to as Rosa mundi.

Rose - William Lobb

One of the classic, vigorous growing moss roses, 'William Lobb' produces large purple blooms held on spiky stems. Also known as 'Duchesse D'Istrie', the flowers have a rich scent its informal growth habit makes it ideal for informal borders although it may need some support. It can also be trained as a low-growing climber

Rose - Indigo

A medium size Portland Roses growing to about 1m - 1.5m', good foliage with a tendency to arch gracefully, producing large fragrant burgandy-purple blooms over a long period.

Rose - Surrey

Clusters of cup-shaped, fragrant, double, rose-pink flowers from July to September and masses of dark green leaves. This vigorous, repeat-flowering, ground cover rose is renowned for its long flowering period and fragrant blooms. Forming a small, arching mound it's perfect for suppressing weeds in sun or partial shade

Rose - Golden Wings

A large rose with, almost single, yellow flowers and mahogany-coloured stamens and a refreshing scent. Pale green leaves and excellent continuity of flowering. 5 ft. x 5 ft.

Rose - Swany

A deciduous spreading ground-cover shrub rose with glossy bronze-green leaves. Pretty clusters of double, white coloured flowers, produced from summer to autumn. Max Height 80cm. Max Spread 1.6m. Flowers June to August. Makes a highly attractive ground cover specimen ideal for borders

Rose - Graham Thomas

A vigorous modern shrub roses. It possesses all the virtues of the English rose group strong disease-resistance, vigorous growth and handsome old-fashioned blooms. There is nothing dated about the colour, a particularly warm shade of deep yellow that glows in the evening light, joining with the rich, lingering tea-scent to make a memorable impact.

Rose - Ghislaine de Feligonde

Flowers have a sweet, musky scent and appear in clusters on almost thornless stems. They open from bud to reveal apricot coloured petals, which gradually fade to creamy-white, so you often get different coloured roses on the plant at the same time. It is not too robust, so is a good choice for covering an archway or smaller space, and it is said to have excellent resistance to disease

Rose - Maigold

Large, open, bronze-yellow, semi-double flowers with golden stamens. A vigorous, up to 3m, prickly plant with plentiful disease-free, glossy foliage. One good crop and a few later blooms. May be grown as a shrub. Exceptionally tough and hardy - suitable for poor conditions.

Rose - Wilhelm

A repeat flowering, dark red, shrub rose with little or no fragrance with glossy, large, dark green foliage, to 1.5m

Rose - Duchess of Portland

An upright, spreading repeat blooming plant, fragrant, bright crimson semi-double blooms.with medium-green foliage.

Rose - Irene Watts

A small, repeat flowering bushy rose with large, quite shaggy flowers that are mostly pale pink, with a central pink-orange tone and good if weak fragrance.

Rose - Great Maidens Blush

Large shrub rose reaching up to 2.5m with arching branches and glossy leaves. Sweetly scented , blush pink flowers borne freely from mid-June to early-July.

Rose - Roseraie de l'Hay

A large, dense rose with a strong scent and a powerful show of open, wine-purple flowers in midsummer set against the fresh green leaves. It's disease-free, tolerates poor conditions, and is probably the best rugosa available.

Rose - Comte de Chambord

A elegant and beautiful rose that repeats well, making it ideal for a small garden. Full-petalled, warm pink flowers, opening flat and and quartered. It has a good fragrance. 1m x 1m

Rose - Constance Spry

Constance Spry' is a strong-growing, medium-to large shrub with generous foliage and rounded, fully double, pink flowers 12cm in width, with a strong myrrh scent

Rose - Felicite Parmentier

'Félicité Parmentier' is a compact small shrub of vigorous, upright habit,with good grey-green foliage and fragrant, flattish, very double flowers 6cm in width, of pale flesh-pink

Rose - New Dawn

This is a vigorous climber with an arching habit, shiny, mid-green leaves and produces pale pink, double, highly scented flowers from summer through to autumn. It can tolerate a wide range of soils and is hardy enough to be grown on a shaded wall or in exposed positions. As a climbing rose, it is best pruned from late autumn to early spring. .

Rose - Bonica

A repeat flowering shrub rose that is an upright, short, arching shrub with deep-green foliage, and good disease resistance. From late spring until late summer it bears fragrant, soft pink flowers borne in clusters at the tips of branches.

Rose - Blanc Double de Coubert

A hybrid rugosa shrub rose which typically grows to 1.5m tall and as wide. Features profuse, strongly fragrant, pure white, 2-3" diameter, semi-double flowers which bloom throughout the summer and into autumn followed by large, orange-red hips. Leathery, wrinkled, dark green foliage. Rugosa means wrinkled in reference to the appearance of the foliage

Rose - Penelope

A hybrid Musk Rose with massive clusters of large, pale pink, semi-double flowers fading to peaches and cream. Fat, orange-pink hips weigh down the bush in fall and winter. This rose is an excellent choice for hedging as the bush is dense with beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers and will mature quickly.

Rose - Little White Pet

Continuous abundant flowers from June until autumn in bunches of white flowers. This small rose, up to 0.6m (24") has a lovely dense dark green foliage

Rose - Primula

An erect arching species rose, also known as Incense rose, producing solitary, cupped, single, fragrant, pale primrose-yellow flowers that are followed by sherical to inversely cone-shaped, brownish maroon hips. Also produced are aromatic, dense, fern-like green leaves on slender, reddish-green stems.

Rose - Tuscany Superb

Extremely fragrant, double, deep crimson-maroon flowers with closely packed petals in summer and dark green leaves. This Gallica rose is probably a sport of 'Tuscany', which it is very similar too but less bushy and a little taller. A superb rose for a shrub border where it will look lovely planted alongside deep purple flowering plants and foliage.

Rose - Fruhlingsgold

A vigorous, dense, prickly shrub with arching branches and plentiful, fragrant, pale-gold flowers in early summer, sometimes followed by a second flowering later in the season.

Rose - Dortmund

. A vigourous climber up to 5m - 6m with repeat flowering,large, single red blooms with a white eye set off by brilliant yellow stamens, The foliage is equally exceptional with its large, glossy, dark green leaves.

Rose - Pearl Drift

. A hybrid of Mermaid and New Dawn the colour is predominantly white with a pink flush in the almost double flowers that are fresh and refined and it flowers over a long period. 1m x 1.3m.

Rose - Danae

. Repeat flowering blooms of deep yellow changing to cream, with a mild fragrance, that age to cream and very rich green shiny foliage. 1.5m x 1.5m

Rose - Scharlachglut

. A large Rose to 3m, with reddish shoots bearing large dull green leaves and clusters of bright scarlet, single flowers 12cm in width, with prominent golden stamens, followed by large orange-red hips

Rose - Jacques Cartier

. Clusters of delicate, very fragrant, pink double flowers, about 3 inches (8cm) across, and striking red plump buds, open in June. Repeat flowering with a very attractive fresh green color to it when young deepening to blue-green with age and it's very healthy and disease resistant.

Rose - Bloomfield Abundance

. An upright, nearly thornless, deciduous shrub bearing pinnate leaves with ovate, toothed, glossy, dark green leaflets and large clusters of small, lightly fragrant, fully double, pale pink flowers in summer and autumn.

Rose - Maidens Blush

A vigorous shrub rose of upright growth, with greyish-green foliage and fragrant, double, pale pinkish-cream flowers 7cm across in midsummer.

Rose - Gallica officinalis

Gallica roses are compact, prickly shrubs with dull green foliage and generally fragrant, single to double flowers in small clusters in mid-summer. R. gallica var. officinalis is an erect, bushy small shrub with dull green foliage and semi-double, light crimson flowers to 8cm in width. Moderately fragrant

Rose - Belle Amour

Upright rose, producing Camellia-like, semi-double, rounded, fragrant, light salmon-pink flowers with gray-green foliage.

Rose - Souvenir de la Malmaison

A bourbon ideal for the front of the border because its size rarely exceeds 0.6m with lavender-pink to white, quartered-rosette blossoms with a spicy fragrance blooming from spring to autumn.

Rose - Marie Viaud

A thornless, rambling rose, up to 5m. with large clusters of small purple-violet flowers with little or no fragrance and large light green leaves. on thorn free stems provide an excellent foil for the flowers. Summer flowering. Size:5m x 4m.

Rose - Felicia

A vigorous medium-sized rose with arching stems bearing plentiful dark green foliage and large clusters of fragrant, double, light pink flowers 7cm in width, flushed with salmon pink in the centre

Rose - Blush Noisette

A vigorous medium-sized rose with arching stems bearing plentiful dark green foliage and large clusters of fragrant, double, light pink flowers 7cm in width, flushed with salmon pink in the centre

Rose - pimpinellifolia

Dense native deciduous rose with new stems crowded with prickles and clothed with small neat fern-like foliage. Small, single, sweetly perfumed white to creamy-white flowers, with occasional colour variation, and with darker yellow stamens are borne in profusion during May and June. In autumn the bushes are heavily laden with shiny maroon-black fruits which make excellent bird food. Thrives in any soil.

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