News about the House

We are running a trial of some new mesh blinds in the Library. These allow visitors to appreciate the view, whilst reducing light levels in the room.

Following the fire risk assessment we will be having a new fire alarm system installed and also an upgrade to the intruder alarm system. We will be working closely with our conservators during this project to ensure the safety of the house and collection. We will keep you posted on this as we get more information.

We are running a marketing campaign to promote the re-opening which will include a photo shoot in all of the rooms. We will keep you posted on when this will be happening and when it will appear in the press.

Sadly the house suffered some serious damage to it’s roof during the storms of 14th February 2014. A large section of sheeting, approximately 1/3 of the roof, was ripped off in the gales, leaving the under boarding exposed to the elements.

All of our collection that was in storage in the attic rooms had to be moved to safety in the show rooms of the house. This is the reason for the upper rooms of the house being closed for over two years but all of the upstairs rooms are now open to the public.