From the Garden Shed

The garden here at Hinton Ampner is part of a regional pilot project looking at estate management planning. We will be looking at tailoring the garden to a more adult audience, taking the emphasis away from families and restoring the tranquillity which Ralph Dutton intended.

However, there will still be room family activities more focused on the park and, for example, the straw bale maze will be back again for 2017, as will the Big Tree Climb and the BIG Camp.

More beehives have been purchased with money donated by the local National Trust Associations and the bees are thriving.

Heavy footfall all year round continues to be a problem and whilst the laying of plastic matting to protect high wear areas has had some success it has still been necessary to close substantial areas of the garden.

The team are working hard on restoring the garden to itís original design. This will involve cutting back, removing and replacing elements of the garden.

  • In the walled garden the winter border is being extended to offer more interest in parts of the garden which are accessible all year round. This will also include the removal of the crazy paving in front of the shop which was put in by the tenant.
  • On the old drive the Autumn border is also being renovated. Some of the old shrubs have been removed as they were spoiling the original design and shape of the border.
  • Some yew hedges in the Yew Garden have been replaced as they were covering a replica marble Roman bath sited in the recess to the north. Also the yew hedges on either side have grown off centre and will need to be heavily pruned to restore the balance of the hedge.
  • On the South Border the south west corner has been cleared back and will be re-planted with sun-loving shrubs that can also provide a windbreak.