Hinton Ampner Garden

Viburnum farreri

Farrer's Viburnum


The Temple Garden


A hardy medium to large, 3m x 2m (10' x 6'), upright, deciduous shrub with burnished bronze, prominently veined foliage in autumn. Formerly V. fragrans its clusters of fragrant white flowers open from pink buds often from late autumn into early spring.

Site and Care:

A sunny site is best but it can also tolerate dappled shade; too much shade will just mean it will grow towards the light. As it flowers on bare stems, it is best planted against a background that will show off its beautiful clusters of flowers. Ideally grow them in moist but well-drained conditions in deep, rich, loamy soil but here at Hinton they tolerate shallow chalky soil. Propagate by softwood cuttings taken in early summer, by hardwood cuttings in early autumn or seed sown in the autumn.