Hinton Ampner Garden

Stachyurus praecox



The Tennis Court Garden


A deciduous, open hardy shrub, 1- 4m (3-12ft) high by 3m (10ft) wide, grown for its drooping spikes of pale greenish-yellow flowers, up to 10cm (4 inches long) that open in late winter and early spring before pointed, deep green leaves appear. Flower spikes, formed in Autumn, are usually unharmed by hard frosts. The genus is native to woodlands and thickets in the Himalayas and East Asia but this variety comes from Japan.

Site and Care:

Prefers acid to neutral soil but is quite happy here on chalk provided it is well mulched. Will grow in full sun or partial shade and is ideal for a woodland garden. Requires only pruning for shape after flowering. Propagation is by half-ripe side shoot cuttings in summer.