Hinton Ampner Garden

Magnolia x soulangeana - M. x soulangeana 'Alba'

Saucer Magnolia


The South Front of the House - Rookery Garden.


A hybrid plant with blooms, that emerge in early spring before the leaves, of various shades of pink and purple, originally a cross of Magnolia denudata with M. liliiflora. It grows as a multi-stemmed large shrub or small tree, having alternate, simple shiny dark green leaves that are oval-shaped, on stout stems. The white form M x soulangeana 'Alba' can be seen if the frosts have been kind.

Site and Care:

Notable for ease of cultivation, and its relative tolerance to wind and alkaline soils (two vulnerabilities of many magnolia forms). It will not tolerate shallow chalk soils and here it is grown in much improved soil. Little or no pruning is required unless for shape. Propagation is difficult from seed and is usually from semi-ripe cuttings in summer.