Hinton Ampner Garden

Galtonia candicans

Berg Lily or Cape hyacinth


The Lily Pond Garden


This hardy bulb produces erect, strap-shaped leaves of up to 1.5 m long in spring. Several stems with fragrant bell-shaped, white, long lasting flowers may grow up to 1.25 m long from each bulb. Native to the slopes of Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa it grows in open, damp grassland and is often found in grassy hollows on hill slopes.

Site and Care:

Plant bulbs in late winter to early spring, with the top of the bulb just under the soil surface in a wind-protected spot in full sun, in any type of friable soil, with good drainage to prevent bulb rot. Do not lift bulbs in winter and feed again with bulb food. Propagation is by seed or division in winter, replanting in early spring. Slugs can be a problem.