Hinton Ampner Garden

Galanthus 'atkinsii'

Atkins' snowdrop


The Diana Garden (by the Diana statue)


Introduced from Italy in the 1870s it is a vigorous hybrid of the snowdrop family with large narrow-petalled flowers in the characteristic hanging-claw. At 20cm (8") it is taller, with larger flowers, than the common snowdrop (G. nivalis), which can be seen a short distance away.

Site and Care:

Snowdrops like a moist soil with plenty of humus. They do not like hot, dry positions preferring part shade and are ideal under deciduous shrubs or trees where the soil is moist in spring. 'In the green' plants are easier to establish than bulbs. Plant them 3-4" apart, really quite deeply. Left undisturbed they soon make a good clump.