Hinton Ampner Garden

Digitalis grandiflora

Large Yellow foxglove


The Tennis Court Garden and elsewhere.


A short-lived clump-forming hardy perennial to 80cm in height, with dark, evergreen foliage and erect spires of tubular, creamy-yellow flowers 4-5cm in lengthFlowers are borne beginning in late spring, then sporadically throughout the summer. Formerly known as Digitalis ambigua, D. macrantha and D. orientalis

Site and Care:

Foxgloves are good for a border or naturalizing in woodland. They can be grown in almost any soil and situation, except very wet or very dry, although most prefer humus-rich soil in partial shade. They self seed profusely, so unless seedlings are required dead head after flowering. Alternatively cut back main flower spike as it fades to encourage the growth of flowering side shoots. Deadheading will provide a secondary flush of bloom. Propagate by seed in containers in a cold frame in late spring or by division in early spring.