Hinton Ampner Garden

Carpenteria californica

Tree-anemone or Bush-anemone


Terrace under south front.


The sole species of its genus it is a rare evergreen hardy shrub native only to California where it grows in a Mediterranean type climate. It grows to 1-3 m tall, with flaky bark on older stems. The broad, glossy green leaves are blue-green to whitish and downy beneath. The flowers are 3-7 cm diameter, with 5-8 pure white petals and a cluster of yellow stamens; flowering is from late spring to mid summer. It is now much more common in cultivation than in the wild.

Site and Care:

Grow in a well drained, soil of any type, preferably in full sun. It thrives with moderate neglect. Pruning is not necessary but if required it can be cut right back. Propagate by cuttings in spring. Seeds are difficult, only germinating in fire ravaged soil.