Hinton Ampner Garden

Buddleja auriculata

Weeping Sage or Gardener's Buddleja


On the north wall of the east courtyard. Young plant also on north side of Dell View path.


Fast growing, to 4m x 4m (12ft x 12ft) dense evergreen, graceful, hardy shrub with beautiful deep-green glossy foliage above and silver below. Profuse spikes of tiny, tubular, sweetly-scented cream flowers appear from late autumn to mid-winter on the ends of the 'weeping' branches. The flowers attract many butterflies and other insects.

Site and Care:

Frost and drought-resistant, it grows well in most soils, but add plenty of compost and fertilizer. Prune to keep tidy after flowering but it tolerates hard pruning well although this is usually unnecessary. A little shade will not be a problem, but it prefers a sunny spot. Easily propagated from hardwood cuttings.