Hinton Ampner Garden

Betula albosinensis

Chinese red-barked Birch


The Dell entrance.


A decicduos tree native to central and western China it was introduced to Britain in 1901. Naturally a tough tree it can be difficult to establish an may not survive ou winters when young. Once established it is fully hardy and tolerant to drought. Growing to around 15m (50ft) in Britain they need space to mature without pruning, they are better placed in larger gardens. Taking its common name from this deep coppery-red bark one of the most appealing features is its bark. Like many birches the bark is thin and regularly peels off, particularly during the winter months. The flowers of the tree come in the form of male catkins which are 2-3 inches long, while the female catkins are about half that size.

Site and Care:

It grows well in direct sun in any soil type and is drought tolerant once established.