Hinton Ampner Garden

Alstroemeria ligtu hybrids

Peruvian Lily.


The Walled Garden


A hardy,fleshy rooted, herbaceous perennial, forming spreading clumps of erect stems, up to 70cm, bearing narrowly lance-shaped leaves, with umbels of showy funnel-shaped flowers in summer. Native to South America, where it grows mainly in the cool mountainous regions of the Andes.

Site and Care:

Grow in any type of soil in full sun. It is hardy when left in the ground in well draining soil but will benefit from a thick mulch in Autumn particularly in the first two winters.. Plants in pots should be kept under cover during the winter to protect from water logging, rot and freezing. Pull stems up after flowering, leaving tubers in ground. Propagation is by division in the autumn or early spring or seed.