Hinton Ampner Garden

Aesculus parviflora

Bottlebrush buckeye


The Temple Garden.


A diminutive member of the horse chestnut family, H 3m (10ft) x W6m (20ft) with large, upright, brush-like, white feathery plumes borne above typical horse chestnut type leaves. The small, individual 1/2" diameter flowers are 4-petaled and tubular with long thin white filaments and small red anthers which add touch of pink to the overall display. Native to the south east USA.

Site and Care:

It prefers acid to neutral soils with average soil moisture but it happily grows here on the chalk with an annual mulch. It adapts to a range of light conditions ranging from full sun to moderate shade and does not require pruning to maintain its uniform habit, and will tolerate rejuvenation by cutting back almost to the ground. Propagation is difficult from seed or softwood cuttings and is easier from root cuttings in Autumn. The suckering nature will allow it to gradually spread but is not invasive.