Hinton Ampner Garden

Aesculus x mutabilis 'Induta'

Pink buckeye


The Diana Beds.


An uncommon small tree up to 10m with a smooth dark gray bark with typical horse-chestnut type palmated bluish-green leaves up to 15cm across. The thick twigs bear non-sticky, smooth buds. At the end of May the first, short dark red to salmon flower panicles appear with yellow tips. The rather small smooth fruits rarely appear although the tree here at Hinton is a seedling of one previously in the Church Border. The plant may sometimes be encountered as a grafted speciman when it will grow as a bushy shrub up to 2.5m.

Site and Care:

The tree thrives best in slightly moist soil, of sny type, (although they prefer chalk) in partial shade but dislike salt. Little or no pruning is required unless for shape. Propagation is by seed.