Hinton Ampner Garden

Corylopsis veitchiana

Veitch’s Winter Hazel


The Temple Garden


A showy, fragrant, deciduous hardy shrub for the late winter garden with attractive flowers, pleasant fragrance and interesting growth habit up to 2.5m. Related to the Witchhazel more than the common Hazel it is native to China. Weeping racemes up to 7.5cm are adorned with up to fifteen small, buttery-yellow flowers, hanging from bare branches in late winter and early spring whose light fragrance fills the air with a delicate perfume.

Site and Care:

It requires a neutral to acid well-drained soil, in partial shade, but it seems to thrive here on our alkaline soil provided it is given a good winter mulch. Plant with generous amounts of organic compost. It thrives on a certain amount of neglect requiring little pruning which should be done immediately after flowering. Propagate by softwood cuttings in late summer.