Sunken Garden
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What we will be doing in the garden

Detailed below are some of the regular jobs we will be doing in the garden during the next three to four weeks. Some may already have been completed and others are outstanding.

Sowing hardy annuals,

Depending on the weather we will be bringing in the pot plants that were outside for the winter

Lifting, dividing and replanting congested clumps of perennials

Planting spring bulbs, including crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths

Taking cuttings from fuchsias, salvias and pelargoniums

Trimming yew hedges and trees

Pruning out all the fruited canes of summer raspberries, cutting down to the base, and tieing in new canes

Cutting away any leaves covering the fruits of pumpkins, squash and marrows to help the skins ripen in the sun

Picking apples and pears before the wind blows them down.

Completing any summer pruning of both free-standing and trained apple trees, where necessary, to encourage good fruiting in future years

Scariyfying, aerating and feeding lawns